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With 32 years of experience, the Société Ivoirienne de Traitement d'Anacarde (SITA SA) groups together 07 companies. The group, through the investments made, the income distributed and the direct and indirect jobs created, makes a significant contribution to the fight against poverty, unemployment and rural exodus. Also, with a cashew plantation of 150ha in Odienné, SITA SA opts for an ecological production method that respects international and environmental standards. It produces, exports and processes cashew nuts. The SITA SA Group is the first cashew nut processing company in Côte d'Ivoire. .


Welcoming speech of the President

At the first , I would like to reiterate our sincere thanks for your interest in SITA SA and its subsidiaries. In deciding to put SITA SA on line, we wanted to show our interest in getting closer to our loyal customers, and in general to the visitors we hope to be able to count on in order to answer their inquiry. customers, and in a general way to the visitors that we hope to be able to count in order to answer their expectations in all areas. Engaged in a dynamic of growth through in particular the development of the industry of Cashew nut in Côte d'Ivoire and in Sub-Saharan Africa of the sector Cashew nuts, SITA SA has for that an ultramodern factory with the international standard and excellent relations with the Asian, European and American industries with a certification which enables it to be present and competitive on these markets. .

The objective of SITA, after 30 years of experience, is to pursue its policy of industrialization, to work towards an equitable sharing of the fruits of growth through its charitable actions and job creation. Beyond that, we invite all our prospects and future clients to join us as soon as possible to build a "partnership" with us. possible, to build together a "win/win" relationship. Finally, I would like to assure you of our commitment and determination to do everything possible to position ourselves as the best cashew nut processing industry in Sub-Saharan Africa through a quality of services and innovation. Thank you for your confidence in SITA SA and its subsidiaries in the service of the development of the Ivorian economy , the absorption of unemployment, and wish you a good navigation on the site.